Friday, November 27, 2009

Filler, Mostly

As you can imagine, H=H.  By this equation I prove that holidays are hectic.  Working as I do in food service, you might expect me to be comatose by the end of Black Friday, but here I am to provide you a very shore nugget of wisdom before returning to serving mediocre food to the unwashed masses.

So, I eat a lot of pasta.  It's just tasty.  Whenever I make it I always have some extra left over, and I usually store that before I add sauce or any other flavor enhancer (except for the salt in the water).  With these habits as my credentials I now set forth to explain to you how best to revivify your Italian boiled wheat constructs after a stay in the fridge.  There are two ccomponents:

1.  Place the pasta in a tuber-ware while the pasta is still hot and damp and seal immediately, but do not place into the fridge.  Let it sit in the container until it has cooled, maybe about 1/2 an hour, then place in the fridge.  This lets the pasta moisten the air so that the chill draws less water out.

2. When you are ready to heat the pasta again, in the microwave (as must be the fate of all suitably scrumptious leftovers), place about 1 tablespoon of broth (any flavor you like) into the bottom of the container.  Microwave the container mostly sealed for 1 minute 45 seconds or until warm in the center of the bottom.  Reseal and let rest for 1 minute, then eat it.  You'll get moister pasta from the steaming, and some of the broth's salt will carry water back into the pasta for you.

And that's the art of necromantic pasta.

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